the big change: North Park Theological Seminary

For some, this is new news, so I wanted to finally present it here.

Quite shortly I'll be packing my room into boxes and moving to a grad student apartment on the north side of the city. Over a year of imagination, counsel, sleepless nights, and prayer is finally culminating in my big change: I'm leaving front-line campus staff to attend seminary.

Actually, most, when they say "attend seminary" are referring to a traditional MDiv degree designed for training professional pastors. I'll be taking a slightly different angle: I'm entering a two-year program aimed at a Master of Arts in Theological Studies from North Park Theological Seminary.

The MA is an academic degree - providing general training in theology, biblical studies, spiritual formation but allowing time for a supervised thesis. I hope to focus on one of the various intersections of communications, culture and theology. This makes so much sense for what God has been doing with me.

My students on campus in I-Life have been aware of this change since I announced my possible intentions in the Fall semester, and my actual plans in the late Spring. But as much as I've tried to get the word out, there are still dear friends and partners with whom I haven't had a chance to share the news. If this is you - please feel free to drop me a note! If you don't get me, I still hope to connect with you. There are vision and stories and laughter to be shared.

I am still on financial support under Great Commission Ministries, and while studying will be my first focus, I look forward to a new role assisting our region of campus churches.

More soon.