rob bell's new nooma: Today

Rob Bell released another Nooma short film this weekend. It's called, "Today," and it's only available to watch online full-length until Wednesday.

I've only watched it once, but my initial reactions are:

  • Rob Bell is characteristically more enthusiastic the more he talks, leaning toward the camera, etc. Because it seems like he follows the same pattern each time, I started suspecting it as "just an act," but then ditched the cynicism and realized that Rob understands how gripping it is to listen to someone who looks like they really are all-about what they are saying.
  • The metaphor/story of the video does what many of the others do: hold you in suspense until the end ("what's going on?") and then reveals at the end. They're never a "big" surprise - usually just simple and effective. This new one follows suit.
  • Rob's distilled message seems to be "seize the day." I like it. It's a value of the Kingdom to live simultaneously in the "now" and the "hope to come" - the places the Kingdom exists - and not elsewhere. Living in the past or the simple future (1 year, 5 years, 10 years from now) has produced much worry and spiritual sludge in my life.

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