shifting my blog focus

Not that I've ever been the most focused person (what's that on the floor? Sweet - I'll work on that... wait, what's this on my computer?). But I've decided to change the focus of my blog.

I want to try to write in detail about my transition to seminary studies, and how my many unanswered life-goal questions are addressed as I move day-to-day into grad school.

I really could have started this kind of journal a year ago, as I decided to stop dabbling and make a formal investigation into further studies. I googled lots and lots. I read more seminary and grad school web pages than I can remember. I ranked, discussed, asked, attended, re-ranked, decided, re-decided... it was a tough process.

During the process, I found few truly helpful resources on the web. Really. No good seminary rankings. Very few personal stories that weren't sanitized by theology admissions offices. So maybe, if I spend this next few months writing in detail, I can help someone else who is at the same place I was a year ago.

Because I'm such a generalist, I'll still be interested in lots of other things in pop culture, music, politics, spiritual formation, etc. And I'll keep my old archives up here. But here's to a new focus.