wi-fi rabbit

Seeing how:
>> the US Senate just spent an all night vigil debating the Levin/Reed amendment to pull out of Iraq (it didn't pass)
>> a dramatic plane crash in southern Brazil has killed almost 200,
>> and scientists have potentially ended the conflict in violent Darfur, Sudan by discovering a source of relief - the world's the 10th largest lake buried directly underneath

...I thought now would be a good time to mention Nabaztag, the WiFi Rabbit.

With adjustable ears.

Nabaztag - "the first smart rabbit" - not only claims to be unpronounceable, but also to connect to your home network and do useful things like read you New York Times RSS feeds and txt messages your friends send. The newest version can even understand voice commands and respond to RFID tags (maybe turn your lights on when you wave your keys near his face?). I didn't know I needed a plastic flashing internet bunny, but I do.

If you've already watched the instructional video I linked to above (and it's worth it), after you make your purchase on Amazon, you'll probably want to check out the rest of the internet crazies surrounding the phenom, like: