End of Spring, 2011.  What happened to the writing me?  What happened to the habits of reflection?  I don't feel like I have them any more… like a former, thoughtful Me got forgotten upstairs and has grown wrinkled and anemic and silent.  The humidity of a warmer climate has coated my brain cells, sending inspiration into a sticky fog. And clearly I've been holding in a few metaphors.

But I'm serious about the confusion that I get when I stare at my stale blog. What are the rhythms of life that lend themselves to quick posts and sparks of inspiration?  In past years, I can recall crazy days and overflowing to-do lists, and they never seemed to squash the blog ideas. They'd flow in too fast to handle. My only limit was time: I could sit down and generate posts for weeks if wanted.

And now I sit down to shake a few thoughts loose and it's like someone dumped gravel on the slip-n-slide.

Okay, again, the metaphors seem to be flowing fast enough.

I guess we'll just use this as a test post. With the press finally catching up on the effects of the digital explosion (Newsweek's had several cover stories this year), there's tons to comment on. I think the difference might be in 2011 that I may be able to stop sounding the alarm on information overload, filtering, or Facebook being more important than Google (after 5 years: people are finally realizing why social information filtering will win!)… these are finally common topics.  Now I can more critically imagine a future with these things environmentally in place. A future where we stop doing stories about them and start living stories with them.

And one where I can find the "quick post" button.