Scripture in Remix | Thesis Chapter 7

I'm posting chapters from my masters thesis in theology and media ecology.  See more here

I dream of seminaries as DJ schools, culturally engaged centers of remixing.
Steve Taylor (Out of Bounds Church)

This chapter was inspired in part by Imogen Heap:

The key thing about Imogen Heap, aside from her strong artistry, is the way she crafts her records as nearly a digital native. She uses twitter not as a marketing tool, but as a feedback loop and content creation center: inviting fans to contribute audio samples to what will be a complete album.

"Remix" is the province of the digital native, who effortlessly grabs slices of material and reverses, repeats, or modifies it to create a new meaning, with both the old and the new shining through.  (check out media professor Jamie O'Neil for great thoughts on this). Junior high boys do this all the time: just go hang on YouTube.

If this was true, the next question for me was:  how will this work with scripture?  Already the the text is newly juxtaposed everywhere from Logos Bible Software to Facebook.  Does this change our perception of the nature and authority of scripture?

I think it will.