Return from Chicago

This weekend home in Champaign seemed strange and familiar – rooms and people who have faded all summer, but my body knew how to walk through the DawgHaus without missing a step, and where to turn for the fork drawer. I guess that's the feeling of home.

Brooke and Casey's wedding was so packed with people I wanted to talk to, I almost put my brain on stand-by so it'd stop spinning so quickly. I think about 10pm, it gave out, and I spent the rest of the time until we left standing in the corner while they cleaned and removed the milk chocolate fountain.

Makes you feel like you're in a Willy Wonka world, huh?


Gellison croons, and whistles his tune. The pan floats away with the spoon. And if summer calls, Roy will befall, a frightful Excalibur Ball.