Thursday: I'm live blogging this Leadership Journal event

Tomorrow (Thursday, March 13) you’ve got to check this out with me. Leadership Journal (part of Christianity Today), is putting on a live one day event for pastors and business leaders on what it means that we find our value and identity in our jobs. Or not. Redeeming Work | Leadership Journal Live:

The editors of Leadership Journal recently traveled the country listening to pastors and experts on the trend of young adults disengaging from the church. We uncovered an important fact--young adults are increasingly postponing marriage and focusing upon their vocations for a sense of identity. At the same time very few churches had engaged work as a venue and emphasis of the Christian life. We saw the need to help church leaders understand this often-neglected facet of discipleship.

This seems so timely! I was sitting for three hours this past weekend talking with a friend in his twenties about how his job hurts. It doesn’t make a ton of sense. How he wants to be free of it, but knows he can’t be free of work. What is work supposed to be in his life? How is it supposed to feel? What does mission look like with work?

This discussion on the theology of vocation seems like it’ll be top-notch. Speakers include Phil Vischer (of Veggie Tales fame), Skye Jethani (editor of Leadership Journal), Amy Sherman (senior fellow for International Justice Mission) and several more, including a panel of Chicago pastors.

You can follow along:

I'll be part of a team live blogging some of the best bits of this conversation starting tomorrow (Thursday morning)  at 9:30a CST. Start here at my blog and over at Parse (formerly Out of Ur), the Leadership Journal blog.

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