One Note for Mac just appeared today

Can we say excited? I love new software days. Today Microsoft unexpectedly released OneNote for Mac OSX.

We'd only just gotten a heads up on this news from a leak a few days ago — and now it's here. Wow!  I had barely finished writing this post over at ChurchMag about it before it showed up.

I'd like to say it's because I complained just recently about about not having it, but I suspect it wasn't me.

You can tease me for being all excited about a piece of software (and I've completely aware of how #firstworldproblems this is) but OneNote had become a longtime friend in helping me hold my life together: everything from study notes to strategic communications planning to deciding which personal scanner fits me as a person. Being a fanboy of software can be silly, but trusted systems that help you use your life and your time?  Well, as they say... priceless.  (literally: it's free. go get it.)