my life is changing again

I'm happy to confirm that the rumors (and they are many) are completely true.  I've been in central Florida nearly 2.5 years, and but now I'm making a big change. I'm returning to Illinois. The change has been long in coming. I originally moved to Florida to contribute to the leadership of Great Commission Ministries--helping oversee their staff program for church planters and campus missionaries, with an emphasis on fundraising training. It's been an amazing 2.5 years in this role. My favorite part has been helping new missionaries learn to tell their stories to donors in a clear, concise, and compelling way. I've had the privilege to serve help train truckloads of new missionaries for the kingdom:  59 in 2010, and whopping 72 in 2011. For a missions agency that has focused in the past on family-closeness and high-touch ministry, it's been very cool to be part of the increasing growth of GCM. In 2011 we trained more people than any time in the history of the ministry.

But with all that, I'm making a change.

After much prayer and discernment (with dear friends across the country), I realized that my future roll is likely not in helping manage a non-profit ministry. I miss some of the "frontline" missionary work I've invested over a decade prior in. I have dear friendships up north that this trip down south has distanced me from. And I think there may be further places to explore in study and teaching.

So, at least for a time, I am returning to Champaign, IL.  My movers arrive here on May 10th.

I'm not leaving Great Commission Ministries. Instead, because the increasing pace of our digital and social media world, GCM has created a new role:  Communications Strategist. I'll be executing that role from Illinois, where I will dive into new ministry projects in web, e-mail, social media, and mobile for GCM and the missionaries she serves. It's stuff I'm passionate about and believe I can do well.

In transition, I plan on being out at Colorado LT (Leadership Training) program this year for a month (20 May to 20 June), helping engage college students and campus missionaries alike in the continuing work of the gospel.

More soon, but I'm grateful for your prayers.