Top 10 TwitterQuotes of Ecclesia 2012

Just returned from a gathering with old and new friends at Ecclesia 2012.  Here are my top twitter-quote #ecclesia2012 moments, in no particular order:

I'm not neo-reformed or neo-anabaptist. I'm neo-lumberjack. - @zhoag #ecclesia2012

--- Zach Hoag explaining how a beard helps you bring the gospel in Vermont


Righteousness is always a relational issue. Vertical (God) is indistinguishable from Horizontal (others)  #ecclesia2012

--- Dave Fitch on justice and justification


Hey! Jars for Clay is my favorite rock band. Who's with me? #ecclesia2012

--- Dave Fitch explains cultural relevance.


We wanted to do church with meals, so that no one could say “we’re not getting fed here” @mrajswoboda #ecclesia2012

--- AJ Swoboda on starting their new church plant with future hope and past pain and a little bit of wit.


"'I go to a church that preaches the Bible.' So what?! Go to a church that DOES the Bible." Don Coleman #ecclesia2012

--- Don Coleman preached the Spirit into the room with humility, strength, and just a little bit of volume.


Christmas morning at #ecclesia2012 = Don Coleman bringing it. He's a preaching amusement park. #ecclesia2012

--- Matt Tebbe has a way with words.


Love a community: Come in low. Let them tell you stories on how it used to be. Eat food you never heard of #nowhitehorse D Coleman #ecclesia2012

--- Don Coleman on the photo-reality of humbly bringing the gospel to a neighborhood.


We think of Church as a Pirate Island #ecclesia2012

--- Keas Keasler on establishing an insurgency


Joy is being connected with someone who is glad to be with you. #ecclesia2012

--- Cyd Holsclaw shares deep stories of understanding God's unrelenting nearness


Skinny jeans. Chucks. Grandpa sweater. Black glasses and @mrajswoboda It looks like the dream of the 90s is alive in Maryland. #ecclesia2012

--- Portlandia put a bird on the Ecclesia National Gathering.