big news for me: I can post my thesis

Anyone remember a year ago?  I'm not talking about something universally big—just my life here. :)   In September 2009, I was huffing and puffing through the last miles of a year-long masters thesis.  My days were endless library-as-containment-cell exercises—re-wording, finding sources, and fixing the grammar errors that seemed subject to obscure rules of physics ensuring their everlasting presence. Anyway, October saw me submitting the 150-document  for the last time, November was the official defense, and then my mind raced on to my obligations for Great Commission Ministries, where I helped lead our national campus conference and then turned around and made a quick move to my role here in Orlando, FL, which had me back on the road 5-days later for my first training conference.

Somewhere in there, I started my new blog here, and I set up a special page to post my thesis here.  Except I didn't have time to finish the formatting on the document in order to post it.  So things sat in limbo.  And sat.  And sat.

Big news in my world:  I think we're over limbo.  Somehow I've scratched out some time in the schedule to stand up and make some moves.

And so starting this week, I get to post my thesis, right here.

(Cue personal celebration).

There may be few people that have an interest any more. And I go back and re-read things and go "oooh... that needed some more work" or "ugh... not sure I want the world reading that."  But this was the work I was able to do at the time.  It helped my clarify years worth of questions and hopefully launch years more worth of answers about God's digital world.  So it's still worth re-visiting, I think.  At the very least,  this is a year-late victory lap that lets me move forward.

As I finish configuring the document for each chapter, I'll post it here.  Hopefully I'll start in the next few days.  Meanwhile, you can read why I realized I had to post it online in the first place.