colorado mountains | train 5

20 January 2010Just west of Denver, CO, in the front range.

Our train is climbing the pine-specked foothills of the front range, swallowing switchbacks and tunnels. The sky is grey but tinged with sun… maybe we’ll see some blue yet. It’s only 9:15am.

“Ladies and Gentlemen: at this time, the Café Car has re-opened.” That’s the snack shop. It’s different than the dining car, and sells stale coffee and microwaved hot dogs. Since the full-service dining is included in my fare, I’m not likely to spend much time buying snacks. --

At lunch I'm seated with a couple from Ann Arbor, MI (they are familiar with the campus church in my network, New Life) and an arts entrepreneur who is on her way to host a panel at the Sundance Film Festival. She does this kinda thing all the time. We talk about robotic art (yep) installations and the upcoming popularity of hybrid artists who have engineering training but do artistic works. I think of Vienna Teng, but I don't bring her up.

We're about to leave Glenwood Hot Springs, CO. All aboard!