Well, I'm soft-launching my new blog here on Christmas Eve (of all times), although it's not really new.  We know that I've been blogging for years over at  It's had several names (blog names always feel somewhat dispensable), including "To Have Mine Match" and most recently "Jesus Under Plastic."  This time, it felt right to move to a whole new platform—so I've got my own Wordpress 2.9 install all spiffed up now and my own new domain: My domain will direct here soon, and I still plan to keep personal news and family and friends with me.  But  because I've spent the last 1.5 years focused on the intersection of digital media ecology and theology, I didn't want to stop when the degree did.  This name gives me a space to think and do theology as a digital native, and simultaneously try to do that in the missional conversation.

There's still a lot of stuff not right on here (Feedburner isn't working properly, tags aren't correctly implemented, I have some introduction pages that I need to write, and I'm not too excited about the webcam pic on the left).  But this is good enough for now.

Also, Merry Christmas.  :)