mile 19 of the thesis marathon

I've never run a marathon. There are good reasons for this. I've watched my friends do it, and they don't look like they're having fun to me. A whole lot of sweat and bananas and aching lungs and cramps. And their facial expressions. Have you ever seen a marathoner grinning as they run? Plus, when you're training for the big day, you do this "long run" every Saturday which essentially counts as as mini pain-based rehearsal. Every weekend for months and months. Fun.

Speaking of writing a masters thesis...

I feel like I've been mentally training for this race for almost a year and half, and now that I'm in it, I'm pretty sure my brain has a pulled muscle. Don't get me wrong, I actually still love the topic, which makes me think that I didn't make the wrong choice when setting my questions. There's something here I think I will want to continue studying and writing on for the rest of my life. (I guess I'll admit the real running people have some sorta of the same idea--they *like* running. Weird.)

But for now, the pain is real, and though I'm tired, I've gotta keep the pace up as much as I can for the next weeks.

My blog remains on hiatus, sadly.

Upcoming finish lines:
16 Oct - Full Thesis Draft Due
5 Nov - Thesis Defense

phew. where's that aid station?