i'm out trying to get a Palm Pre

Well, it's Saturday morning 6 June.  You know what that means?

Official release day for the Palm Pre!

And since it also happens to be my second true day off since arriving in Estes Park for the summer, I'm off on an adventure to try to snag one.  I called two Sprint stores last night—Boulder and Longmont—which are my closest two stores at just about 50 miles away, whichever I choose.

Both stores said they are opening two hours earlier than their web-posted hours (8am instead of 10am), and both expect lines. Neither could/would tell me how many phones they expect to have in inventory or estimate if/when they'd sell out. Oh well, since I've never done anything like this before (chase an electronic product like a school girl), I figure their's a first time for everything. Worst thing that happens? I don't get one today.

This is one of those things where asking people to pray for you is really shady. :-)