last day of semester work

Well, although the seminary still has one more official week, I've got to be done today. A little intimidating, although I think I'm okay. I've been relentlessly chopping a the academic task list, and today means one more five page exit essay for Ethics. That typically wouldn't be a big deal, but I don't even have a faint idea yet of how I want to approach it, and I woke up late.

I'd love to think that the finish line is gonna be tonight at 5pm and I can celebrate, and while I do have plans to hit dinner with friends, I don't get any celebration or respite—I've gotta clean and pack and plan to leave for Colorado LT, not to mention actually be on the job to get our student leaders assigned and good communication with the YMCA of the Rockies established. The task list seems pretty overwhelming that already.

So, God, walk me through one more day of being faithful today. I don't need to write a genius paper or make crazy LT waves—just need to be faithful.