facebook voting

In yet another instance towards Facebook being the new Google, they held a VOTE this week to determine their terms of service. This makes perfect sense in the participatory media landscape, though traditional lawyers have thus far kept it from happening on other sites, where the terms are dictated. Interactive contracts (written by Wiki?) have to be a thing in the future...

Today, the Facebook site governance vote ended after a week in which you were able to voice your opinions as to which documents should serve as the foundation for governing the site. On behalf of everyone at Facebook, I'd like to thank all of you who participated by voting and the users and experts who earlier commented on the proposed documents.

The final results are now being reviewed by an outside auditor, but the preliminary numbers indicate that approximately 74.4 percent of users who voted chose the proposed documents – the new Facebook Principles and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities – over the existing Terms of Use. More than 600,000 users participated in the vote.  More

The 600,000 participants is a small percentage of the 200 million registered Facebookers, but they (and I) would be optimistic that this number would change once people got familiar with the idea.