my laptop died

I've been awol from my blog.  My excuse:  my laptop died.  :-(  It was almost four years old, which is like 60 in human years (formula - times 15!).  So it was starting to get there... but I was hoping she would hold out for a few months.  At least until Windows 7 became enough of an imminent thing that places would be giving out coupons for a free future upgrade when it arrived.

As of now:  I have a new... Dell.  Never thought I'd say that, and I'm worried I'm gonna lose some nerd cred.  But Dell seems to have improved some things... and I'll post some sweet photos soon.

And be back to on the Theology of Facebook.  I've got lots of thoughts, and I've also finally got a chance to read Shane Hipps book (which is very well done - except for the few pages here and there particularly on "virtual community" where he just misses it--is even inconsistent with the rest of his book!  But in general his stuff is right on target.  I'm sure we'd be friends...)

Anyway, more coming.