filing your taxes for free

I finally filed my taxes! This is early for me. My record latest? Sometime in July I think... . It's a result of two things: 1) I'm plain awful at money and numbers and get flustered easily. In part because my pride kicks in and I think I *should* be able to do this more easily--I'm not dumb! But I've learned to be happy with the places I'm smart and just give up on everything else. :-) 2) I've never once owed money: I just make way too little. Almost always I wind up getting nearly everything back. They really don't care if you file late if it's already gonna hurt you, not them.  I'm not saying this is good, mind you, I'm just sayin.

Anyway, did you know you use TurboTax online for free? Seriously. There are plenty of discounts out there, but they don't strongly advertise this one. If you make under 30,000 a year or are in the military, you can typically do this. (I obviously fall under the first). It's called the Tax Freedom Project, and it's been around since I started doing taxes with Turbo Tax in 2000.

The sad thing is that they typically have no links at all from their main site to this option.  It's sorta hidden like that.  I feel bad for poorer people who aren't as Internet-persistent as I am.  This year I still had to sit on Google for 5 minutes trying to find it because I couldn't quite remember the name.