coming back online

I'm been somewhat negligent with the blog here recently - mostly because I've been on academic break, which means not only an inconsistent schedule and a lot of travel, but also that the rate at which interesting information flows past my eyes has been down to a trickle.

I've also been feeling a need to redesign and upgrade this blog, and have even contemplated a shift to Wordpress to make things easier - but who has time to wade through all that code?

Maybe that'll happen, but for now, I'm happy to welcome back both my friends and those interested as pursue theological questions surrounding the idea of living in an information culture.

First up, I think I'm gonna have to sit down and write up some stuff that I've often been stewing about Facebook, but have not had impetus to write out.

ps - the photo has no bearing on anything, but it's sorta cool.  I took it in the evening on 6 June 2008.  Not an uncommon evening sight from our camp in Colorado.