chicago a miserable city??

On Feb 6, Forbes Magazine updated its list of "America's 10 Most Miserable Cities"—and Chicago shows up as number three, right behind Memphis!

I've been to Memphis. It's pretty bad. Aside from a sweet BBQ spot or two and the weirdo Illuminati-like pyramid marking your arrival downtown, there's not much going for it. Chicago can't even be in the same league.

Fortunately, Neil Steinberg of the Chicago Sun-Times has taken offense for the city and sacrificed himself to answer the charges with an appropriate blend of Mid-Western warmth and urban disdain:

Most of these supposedly misery-making aspects are simply evidence of how many people want to live in Chicago -- traffic is a breeze in Springfield, but who wants to be there? Taxes are low in Somalia, along with the life expectancy. Read Neil's column.

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