last intense push

Last night at midnight, I e-mailed a professor a end-of-term reading report, and "knocked out" my third class.  Worship and OTII both I've completed too...  each a relief.  But my independant study has become more of a monster than I thought it would... not only do I have about 25 hours of logged work to finish for the end of the semester, but I have a syllabus assigned 6,000 word paper that has melted down and really has almost nothing on paper.  My initial plan to tackle this thing has fallen apart in my mind, and I'm struggling to pull together the pieces to create something with enough coherence and quality to turn in.   I started realizing this at the beginning of the week, and took the frustratingly difficult step of asking for an extension, which I've never in my memory ever had to do before.

So that doesn't feel very good.  With the extension I've received, I've got five days to put this together, but I'm already mentally on mile 24 of the 26.2 marathon, and I'm not sure I've got the powerbars left to keep going.  I'll have to, but I'm scratching this out at the very least to remind myself how much I love the end of term.  :-P

okay... more working, less writing on the blog.