over the rhine photos

Over the Rhine played a private show at North Park University on Wednesday evening, 5 November 2008. They're one of my favorite bands—an intimate fusion of folk, soul, bluegrass, and jazz set on an Mid-Western landscape.

I still don't have a good lowlight lens for my digital SLR, so many of these aren't the greatest shots... but they capture the spirit of Linford, Karin, and their current band (which retained the bass player and insanely good drummer from last year, but added a great slide/electric guitarist). The show, being private, was undersold, and it was a bummer, because most of the audience that did come wasn't familiar their work. At times, I felt like I was one of only three fans in the whole room, embarrassingly the only one yelling for songs I recognized as they began. I know OtR felt it. At one point, Karin leaned into the mic, smiled, and said "mmm... you guys are so well behaved." Which, translated from her charm and professionalism meant: "wow, I can't believe how you're just sitting there." :-(

I had that urgent desire to stand up waving my hand like an idiot saying—I'm not with them! Really! I like it! Keep going! :-)

They only played one short encore, which my fellow-fan Tim pointed out, was the shortest he'd ever seen them do.

But regardless, the music was, as usual second to none.

Earlier the day, Linford was invited to speak at the North Park chapel service. I posted some quotes.