mi casa es tu casa toward a theology of immigration

Dr. Lindy Scott formerly the Director for the Center for Applied Christian Ethics at Wheaton College writes an article toward "A Biblical Perspective on the Current Immigration Situation." His first theological point is that God is the owner.

God places humanity (both male and female) on earth to take care of the creation. In no way is humanity the absolute owner of the earth. All people have the calling to represent God on earth as stewards or administrators, and as such all will give an account of their stewardship to God.

Therefore, Biblical teaching does not totally agree with an extreme form of capitalism where the individual is the absolute owner of “private property” nor with an extreme form of socialism where the state is the absolute owner. Within both “isms” humanity, both individually and collectively, is called to use the earth according to divine principles. The Spanish phrase “Mi casa es tu casa” (My home is your home) captures quite nicely the spirit of Biblical teaching.

I'm still reading what implications he draws for immigration policy in the United States. Read the full article.