pony | kasey chambers

Before I recently wrote a review of Kasey Chamber's newest album Rattlin' Bones, I didn't know a lot about her, except of her few more popular songs in the US.  The country singer is a down-home Australian (really) whose pop-country is enough off the mainstream to like her.  I can't post my review cause it hasn't been published yet, but I've gotta note her video of her 2004 single Pony, which I can't stop watching.  Chambers bats happy, expressive eyes to be simultaneously five years old and all grown up.  The video makes the song.

There's something about Kasey here that makes me think "little sister"—which makes me think of my fake little sister Heidi (something about her facial expressions) and my real little sister Erika (who is hardly a country fan, but I think will like this anyway).