systematic theologian as Elves | Kevin Vanhoozer

"One purpose of this chapter is to situate today's Christian theologian by calling attention to the church's global context and to remind us that no language or culture has a monopoloy on God, the gospel, or theology.  This is an important and timely prophetic blast against the monstrous regiment of systematic theologians, in whose company I count myself.

It is undeniable that the church has entered a new era.  ... The reign of the sovereign knowing subject, and of universal method, is coming to an end. ...  But does it necessarily follow that systematicians must go the way of the Elves, whose time had ended, setting sail (appropriately enough!) toward the West?"

Dr. Kevin Vanhoozer, writing in typical Smile: It's Theology! form. His chapter is in Globalizing Theology, co-editied by one of my current professors, Dr. Craig Ott.