scripture: "are we reading the same bible?" | telford work

So another part of my quest to start corralling my research is really still rather exploratory. I haven't done any study in the doctrine of scripture, and I have a feeling that there are some related concepts to theology and communication that I need to understand. Unfortunately my attempt to do a directed study in this area hasn't yet worked out, so out of necessity, I'm looking into thing on my own.

One suggestion to me from Scot McKnight was Telford Work. I haven't yet read his book on the area, but I just finished reading a paper he recently gave entitled, "Are We Reading The Same Bible?" (fulltext: pdf) which not only was insightful, but caused me to laugh aloud.

Work makes the point that not all evangelicals speak about scripture the same way. And he has Christian bookstore prices to prove it.

Since at least Irenaeus and Athanasius the Bible has been an ultimate narrator locating us and all things in its story of creation, judgment, and redemption. Many evangelicals have drawn deeply from this ancient vision... [Families who see themselves within the Bible’s cosmic family tree can inscribe their whole family genealogy in the Keystone Family, Faith and Values Heritage Edition Bible (Fireside), available from Christian Book Distributors for $35.99.]

A similar but distinct type sees the Bible as a treasury of truth that teaches facts about God and the world... [Zondervan’s NIV Study Bible($31.99) supplies pages and pages of maps, charts, footnotes, artistic renderings, and cross-references that highlight and contextualize its archaeological, philosophical, and ethical material.]

Many find their own story in Scripture, making the Bible a mirror of personal life experience. Augustine was one pioneer in reading the Bible to gain self-understanding... [The Extreme Teen Bible (Nelson, $17.99) features forty profiles of young Bible characters and 250 study notes for life guidance; the Women of Color Study Bible (Augsburg, $28.99) offers a different range of figures to identify with.]

He's got nine in all. :) Genius.