google android - should I get one? + fall retreat

This past week has accelerated me to the absolute top speed I have. I could tell sitting in certain classes that my brain was over-CPU crunched and starving for extra cycles. Last I night I had to leave Romans early just so I could recover enough to do three hours in Contextualization this morning. My reading list is ruling my life!

Meanwhile, this weekend I'll be traveling for GCM down to central Illinois to help at I-Life's Fall Retreat--leading two training sessions on mentor discipleship and leading the weekend-closing session including communion. I look forward to seeing old and new friends, talking about topics I'm excited about, and getting away from the books for a few days.

And should I get one of these??

Downside: camera is reportedly taking as long as 10 seconds to take a picture!  And it doesn't have Microsoft Exchange push, but I don't care.  It DOES have a few feature the iPhone doesn't, including gMail push, an amazing new "compass" mode for Google Maps Street View (you just move the phone to "look around"), and the thing that's kept me from jumping to Apple:  a full QWERTY keyboard!

ps - I realize I can't "get" a Google Android.  The open-source operating system will show up on multiple phones in the next year, T-Mobile's G1 being just the first new example.  And I agree with Don Reisinger--there's no reason not to expect Google to do well, even in the face of the iPhone.