barack as "the one"

The following is a new ad from the McCain campaign. It feels like movie trailer, and not-so-subtly teases Barak Obama's fame, a message they've been working on for several weeks. But the interesting part of the ad is that I'm pretty sure it's a veiled communication to Left Behind-reading Christians, who are looking for an anti-Christ, like villain like Nicolae Carpathia. It's the kind of things that would be understood by conservative evangelicals, but wouldn't mean as much to other viewers, and I'm guessing that's intentional.

The part that disturbs me most about "antichrist" language used by some Christians is not just how it doesn't seem to be supported in scripture (the only references are in 1 John 2, where John clearly defines anyone who denies Christ is God as, as the word suggests, an "anti-Christ"), but how it calls into suspician things of God like increased world justice and world peace.