fried chicken 30th birthday

I've been incommunicado because my weekend rushed into this Friday, May 2nd, which was my 30th birthday. Wow. Had a great time down here in Champaign - 30 of my friends (not planned like that) joined me at the Dawg Haus for:

  • 80 pieces of Kentucky Fried Chicken (there's a 1-800 number you order from with Cheery Chicken People on the other end)
  • 20 lbs of mashed potatoes (I made them myself because I wanted to - plus, nobody knows my secret ingredient)
  • 48 biscuits
  • 3 lbs of buttered corn
  • 1 gallon of thick sawmill gravy (5 sticks of butter and whole milk)
  • adult picnic-ish drink of choice: hard lemonade.

Honestly, it was just what I wanted on my birthday: some of my closet friends just chillin' around the DawgHaus and me getting to host it. There's something about being able to give on your birthday that's a lot better than getting. Or maybe in the new economy of God's community, those categories aren't even that helpful.
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