pew religious landscape survey (2)

(I'm reading through the Pew Religious Landscape Survey. You can read my other posts on it as well.)

Some data on religious traditions that are passed on well (or not so well).

The religious traditions most heavily comprised of people who have switched affiliation include the unaffiliated [they're incorporating this as a category], Buddhists, Jehovah Witnesses, members of "other faiths" category (e.g. Unitarians, members of New Age groups and members of Native American religions) and members of the "other Christian" tradition (including metaphysical Christians). (p27)
This definitely seems to reflect that American propensity to seek something out very different as a self-defining element to replace the original religious category. It obviously also speaks to something about how religious traditions as passed down in families. Like, why do kids with parents who are Jehovah's Witness rarely follow them?

Percentage of People Changing Affiliation Within Major Religious Groups

Switched Affiliation Raised as Member
Current eligion… % %
Hindu 10 90
Catholic 11 89
Jewish 15 85
Orthodox 23 77
Mormon 26 74
Muslim 40 60
Jehovah’s Witness 67 33
Buddhist 73 27
Other Christian 90 10
Other Faiths 91 9
Unaffiliated 79 21