mark driscoll on emerging church - full transcript

On 24 Feb '08, Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church (Seattle) spoke on the topic of the emerging church. Mark is often quoted -- especially by general-audience news media (doing feature articles in the religion section) -- as an "emerging church leader," though I don't think I'd agree (despite the wide breadth the term covers). Really he's simply a younger conservative evangelical pastor who wears Urban Outfitter t-shirts.

But he does have a past association with Emergent Village types, which he can be pretty negative towards. Because I wanted to look more closely at what he had to say, I went ahead and transcribed his entire talk. The audio and video of his talk were already publicly available, but sometimes it's easier to read it. I did it for myself but then figured others might want it as well. So here it is, the full transcript of his talk. It was part of a sermon series entitled Religion Saves & Nine Other Misconceptions.

Full Transcript (pdf - 379kb)
Mark Driscoll
Ask Anything Question 2: Emerging Church

The above is my unmarked transcript of his talk. If you'd like to see the copy I was using to mark up, including my personal (biased) comments, you can download that instead. Maybe I'll be able to get back around and put up some quotes later.