what is the emerging church? - my workshop audio

2008 hit fast, and I got so caught up in politics blogging, that I never said more about Ignite 2007. While there, I taught a breakout workshop entitled "What is the Emerging Church?" If you missed it, you can download audio directly , or visit www.igniteconference.info to listen there.

The seminar was my first hack at short description of the post-evangelical theological and mission conversation I've been trying to follow for almost eight years - (before anyone was using the word "emerging/emergent church" - a term that's only five years old!). My audience was members of GCM churches who have heard the term "emerging church," and maybe have read an associated book, but find themselves wanting to know more or wonder what it might mean. (ps - yep, the photo isn't me... didn't get a photo of me talking. :) It's my friend Jon Dillow, who was teaching simultaneously down the hall at the conference center).

Meanwhile, a blogger I was previously unfamiliar with, C. Michael Patton, has a series of posts on the same topic (what is the emerging church?) that are getting attention - mostly because of a chart he drew that makes it look like is calling writers like Tony Jones a heretic. Reading him carefully though, I think he's distinguishing between heterodox and heretic. In general, this chart is really interesting to spark discussion. And he has follow-up posts p2 (orthodoxy), p3 (definition), p4 (fundamentalism, evangelical), and p5 (emerging streams). Scot McKnight also noticed it.

My comments? For one, adjustments: I think Brian McClaren should be slid more outward, Erwin slid more center, and Tony Jones brought in a tad as well. And second, I still tend to view separation of "emerging" and "emergent" as somewhat artificial - in practice they're still used interchangeably. At best, they're confusing.

Maybe more later.