alan hirsch quotes

I'm sitting at the edge of Washington, DC, listening to Alan Hirsch, Australian missiologist and church planter. He's got a great accent, and has some sweet quotes.

Like these:

"Jesus says 'die.' You put that in your seeker-sensitive pipe and smoke it."
~ Alan Hirsch on the recovery of discipleship as the church's core task.

"You can do with 12 disciples what you cannot do with 12,000 consumers."

"Two things I hold against Luther. One - his anti-semitism. But two - he discovers the priesthood of believers, but then he quickly covers it back up again. He retreats from it in order to maintain the status quo."
~ Alan Hirsch on removing the clergy-laity split.

There's Middle Class Jesus, Bearded Lady Jesus, Sunday School Jesus, Jesus is My Boyfriend, Buddy Jesus. And then Spooky Jesus. You know, he only seems human. If you scratched him, he wouldn't bleed blood, he'd bleed light. Spooky. If you see him walking down the street, I suggest you take a quick photo and then run away like mad (sell the photo on eBay)."
~Alan Hirsch on ways we've remade Jesus.

I'm at a gathering with Ecclesia. More later.