mitt romney stump speech

The stump speech is the repeat comments that the candidate gives multiple times a day when he is on the campaign trail. It's rhetoric. Because I'm nerdy enough to sit here and watch them online, I can bring you direct quotes. Here's a few fun ones from Romney who's currently stumping in Michigan along with McCain and the others:

I spent my life in the economy.

~ Mitt Romney. As opposed to... floating above it? Hanging out with it?

I think it's time we had someone as president of the United States who's actually had jobs in the private sector and knows how the economy works!

~ Romney's next remarks, about one minute after explaining that his Dad was the head of a car company and was escorted to the International Auto Show by drivers and a motorcycle escorts.

(ps - I didn't know having a job taught you how the economy works! Let's elect the Wendy's late-shift manager.)

Watch the whole stump speech.