Tony Campolo - he sees it.

Tony Campolo: The Changing Politics of Evangelicals - Politics on The Huffington Post: "

Stay on the lookout for this new movement. It has a great appeal to a great many of the younger Evangelicals who, while still pro-life and questioning gay marriage, want to embrace the broader agenda espoused by Red Letter Christians.

These younger evangelicals may not necessarily vote Democratic, but they certainly are no longer safely in the pocket of the Republican Party. Instead, they are prone to declare with Red Letter Christians that Jesus is neither a Democrat nor a Republican. When asked about party affiliation, they are likely to say, 'Cite the issue.' On some issues they will go with one party and on some issues they will go with the other."

Article includes observations on the 4-way split for conservative Evangelicals, why some Evangelicals might vote for Clinton, and accurate thoughts about the "younger evangelicals" who aren't left or right.