exam questions

New Testament exam complete!

What do I get asked? Well... here. I think I can write most of the questions from memory:
2 hours. You may not use the Bible, books, notes of any kind.

Quick answer: Book/Chapter. Parallels not required.
____ 1. "Cleansing" of the temple.
____ 2. Peter says, "You are the Christ, the son of the living God"
____ 3. More than five miracles
____ 4. Words of institution for the Lord's Supper
____ 5. OT scripture linked to Jesus' triumphal entry to Jerusalem
____ 6. OT scripture quoted by Jesus from the cross according to Mark & Matthew
____ 7. The crucifixion
____ 8. Explicit teaching on discipleship
____ 9. "no one knows the Father except the Son"

More Quick Answer

____ 10. One of the words translated miracles that is usually negative in the Synoptics but positive in John.
____ 11. Author of "ugly ditch" concept between history and faith.
____ 12. Christological title used by early church that is not used by Jesus.
(a few more I can't recall)

Short answer. Explain:
1. David Hume's argument on miracles.
2. Jesus' mercy code over the holiness code.
3. The title "Son of Man" (include OT and NT usage)
4. Four important arguments for the resurrection
5. The theological significance of the resurrection (eight points)

Short Essay.
Using both what he said and did, explain Jesus' understanding of himself. Reference specific passages. (this answer includes Christological titles, but mostly 7 actions Jesus took that were prophetic, messianic, and sacrificial)

Long Essay
Do a full treatment Luke's account of the Lord's Supper.
(Luke 22.15-20. this includes parallels, Passover, OT background, last week timeline, both external and internal evidence regarding signficant textual variants, kingdom of God, "this is my body," and theological signficance)