huckabee. hucka hucka. other similar sounds.

I surprised I'm twice mentioning a Republican candidate for governor that is the sorta considered the "Evangelical" of the bunch. But of the portions of the CNN/YouTube debate I got to see last night (after 11 hours of paper writing!) - Gov. Mike Huckabee won the thing. He's clever and interesting, and compared to Romney and Guliani looked more calm, more likable, and more thoughtful. I'm not saying I'm voting for him yet. I'm just sayin.
The Death Penalty: What Would Jesus Do?

ps - This was not Huckabee's only question, which was good - he actually some real policy questions. I'm tired of CNN throwing policy questions at candidates they've already pigeon-holed - 9/11 to Guliani, Women's issues to Hillary, taxes to Ron Paul. eesh. And thank goodness Anderson Cooper was hosting. He wasn't awesome, but anything is better than Mr Overdrama himself: Wolf Blitzer.