the to-do list

This week is "reading week" (or sometimes falsely labeled "Fall Break"), and it simply means that no class lectures are meeting. But studies go boldly on. Today in the computer lab, Ingrid pointed out this is the week we get "less behind" than usual. So true.

What's seminary life like? Welp, this week it's like this:

  • Read (NT) McKnight Jesus article
  • Read (Theo) Tanner article BB
  • Read (Theo) Laytham's chapter
  • Read (Symp) Johnston
  • Decide (Theo) Book vs Writing assignment
  • Read (NT) Strauss 297-343 John
  • Read (NT) Blomberg John&Jesus (library?)
  • Read (CH) thick description article
  • Read (Volf) pp89-120
  • Read (CH) Lynch ch8
  • Read (CH) Lynch ch7
  • Read (NT) Bonhoeffer ch9,10 16/10/2007
  • Read (NT) Bonhoeffer ch11,12,13 16/10/2007
  • Read (CH) Plowing in Hope intro
  • Read (CH) Plowing in Hope Part I
  • Read (CH) Plowing in Hope Part II
  • Read (CH) Plowing in Hope postscript
  • Read (CH) Carter ch1&2
  • Read (CH) Carter ch3&4
  • Read (CH) Carter ch5&6
  • Read (CH) Carter ch7&8
  • Read (CH) Carter ch9&10
  • Read (CH) Carter ch11
  • Read (Theo) Olson ch10 Jesus Christ
  • Read (Theo) Weborg Jesus article
  • Read (Theo) Frisk 75-88 jesus
  • Read (Theo) Gonzales 77-83
  • Read (Theo) E. Johnson article "Christ"
  • Skim (RschM) HRB part 1
  • Skim (RschM) HRB part 2
  • Read (RschM) HRB ch7 X-Ray
  • Skim (RschM) HRB ch16,18,19
  • Read (RschM) HRB skim part4
  • Write (RschM) Ex#6 X-Ray book
  • Meet Prof (RschM) about paper bibliography
  • Write (RschM) 1st draft Bibliography
  • Read (RschM) article Women&Ministry
  • Research (RschM/CH) 1.5 hours TAL
  • Choose (NT) Gospel research text
  • Mark-up (NT) synopsis for TXT
  • Write (NT) verse-by-verse for TXT

NT - New Testament 1. Theo - Christian Theology 1. RschM - Graduate Research Methods. CH -Cultural Hermeneutics. Names of people - authors. Note helpful active verbs (note also that "skim" is never actually a verb that might come from a professor's mouth, it is admitting defeat before the battle).

This is the stuff that needs to get done this week. :)