chicago marathon 2007

Spent most of the day (leave apartment at: 6:30am) chasing around running people at the Chicago Marathon. I was there to see my good friend Nick run (along with Ben, Heather, and Nick's mom & step-dad). This being my 2nd time watching, I realized in advance that marathon-watching isn't the best specatator sport if you're watching for one person (white shirt, white shirt, white shirt... THERE HE IS... nope, it's a napkin. There he is.. Nick!! Nick!! Welp, he's gone...). But just running around the city on the L with 1.5 million spectators is sorta cool.

Well, not exactly cool. In fact, the heat was so record-breaking today that after 4 hours, the medical director canceled the rest of the race. Of about 45,000 registered runners, only 25,000 even made it. Nick did, but he was forced to walk by bullhorn-wielding policeman for much of the last seven miles of the course.

I've uploaded my quick collection of pictures (which include none of Nick running - sad).