monday quotables

So I've decided on Mondays I'll start popping in quotes that I heard in the last week in lectures from professors or from my reading. Three simple (and rather unrelated) ones:

Nobody wants to be average or to have mass appeal. To call someone vanilla is an insult. Today, no company in its right mind would name itself General Motors or General Electric or General Foods.

~ Leonard Sweet, The Gospel According to Starbucks p40

God reveals, not interesting info about the universe, not answers for the ACT, and not even instructions on how to get to heaven. God reveals God. God reveals himself.

~ Prof. Brent Laytham, THEO 6330 (Christian Theology) lecture

I can't get that drunk so quickly.

~ Prof. Klyne Snodgrass illustrates locution vs. elocution in BIBL 5150 (New Testament 1) lecture. Are we speaking about getting trashed in 5 minutes? Cops trying to arrest a drunken man in a short amount time? Or Klyne's wife not having time to wait for her tea to cool before she heads for work?