arrived at Fuller Seminary

I'm out in L.A. for a couple days visiting Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA. Our GCM church out here has been gracious with the hosting - I got a wonderful pickup from LAX and drop here on the Fuller Campus. I'm sitting here in a student lounge, waiting for the evening event to begin (Pacific time! I'm gonna be exhausted by tonight...).

It's a weird feeling being in a completely unfamiliar place with faces I don't know, and wondering if you'll be here in the future. Sorta like way back in the day... looking for your undergrad school. But... older.

This evening is a dinner, then a lecture from someone telling how great Fuller is, then a dessert reception with faculty, etc. It's hard to know where to set my expectations. If I love my visit... great! If it's mediocre... how do I know two days can really reflect Fuller? If it's horrible... how bad does it have to be to have me back way up and just scratch this off the list?

I can tell you right now... the palm trees, 68 degrees and clear blue sky aren't scaring me away...