good to know

This morning I woke up, grabbed my coffee, and tried to stare out the window and wake up. Instead, I thought of things I want to look up. Look up. Like, research. Internet style.

This happens to me every day. The scary part is, I’ll actually look them up. And remember.

  • Why doesn’t the fan in the microwave ever seem to get going until 5 seconds into the cooking time (you can hear it), and does that initial time do any good? Would doing just five seconds of cooking time make anything warmer? Maybe the fan has no related effect to the magnetron. I dunno.

  • Is there a way to learn snowboarding that doesn’t make the first day as hard as everyone says it is? Or maybe I can just learn it via internet diagrams? Like with a pivot foot or something?

  • How true-to-fact were the news clips I watched last night in Good Night, and Good Luck?

  • Does rain and lightning inherently move with a kind of weather front that raises the temperature? It’s probably not just a matter of randomly the temperature choosing not to drop below freezing and give us pretty snow instead of pouring rain…

  • Who gets paid if you purchase Vince Guaraldi’s Charlie Brown Christmas off iTunes? If he’s dead (heart attack in the 70s), does a portion of the earnings go to a family member? Did they fight over which one? Does the payment amount to anything?

  • What cash value does CVS place on the coupons that print out on the back of the receipt when you buy something, giving you money back on the next generic CVS brand beauty product you purchase? What percentage of coupons are actually used (very low?)? What GAAP principles apply?

Yesterday Ash teased me for researching the taco bell disease-food thing. People at her apartment were convinced I shouldn’t go: reports of e coli, salmonella (really?), and probably breast cancer worldwide. Turns out it was only in 4 northeastern states (NY, PA, NJ, DE) states, and 64 people felt sick, but nobody got hurt, and the last case was on Dec 2nd, from a produce supplier that Taco Bell immediately dumped.

Good to know.