mother's day extends

And now for a short announcement:

Her children have made extended Quest across the land to find nothing less than the Right One, but have now pronounced it good, and with great amounts of unnecessary fanfare do indicate that The Mother Unit now owns one of These:

...for listening-to-mp3s-and-podcasts-and- all-those-tv-preachers in a variety of new and exciting settings: while-reclining, while-walking/stalking-the-neighborhood, while-secretly-feeding-cats-at-the-back-door- without-the-father-unit-noticing, even while-driving (Safety First). The USB cable and iTunes 6.1 software should be no problem for this Kim K Disciple, and we wouldn't be surprised if she develops a new insatiable shining to hip-hop.

well, maybe we would.

It hardly sums up our real gratitude towards our Mom, but this year it was how we wanted to say:

Happy Mother's Day.

Chris and Erika