surrounded by corn once again

The goodbye party was unexpected. And I laughed: hard. I grinned and shook my head and wiped tears as the 3 students of my project group – and especially the North Dakota crew – performed 5 skits – mostly impressively accurate impressions of my idiosyncrasies.

I walked away with the love and laughter still reflecting on the inside surfaces of my heart: the memories drawing recurring warmth and grace.

It was really good.

And now here I am back in the Courtyard Café – sipping my small Americano from Espresso – seeing Mandy and Josh – writing here to simply think and pray a bit.

I haven’t done that as much recently: prayed. I think my heart – drawn out initially by the gospel of John and Acts – has now slowed and hardened. My Treo – and with it my primary Bible – died two weeks ago, and it’s remarkable the effect it’s had on my Spirit. My king – I want my heart to match yours. Please draw me.

I’m supposed to be heading to Chicago ASAP for to visit some of my friends and partners. Planned to go tomorrow, but the DawgHaus kitchen (not to mention the Den, the entire upstairs, etc) is completey torn up. They’re laying new stone and dust tile today – and the walls are becoming a comfortable latte brown. It’s so cool getting a new kitchen. And Monte is here! So weird that he’s going to be a Dawg now. I mean, we’ve known it for six months, but it actually happening.