Speaking at 2018 Indiana Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church


It was a lot of fun to jump in to speak at a pre-conference session for United Methodist pastors annual conference on Digital Theology.  I was a last second addition to the schedule—joining my oft-tech-sparing partner Adam Graber on "Is Technology Ruining Our Lives?"— where we muse about about the perils and promise of tech in daily life.

Also great to connect with a couple of co-speakers from the "theology & technology" crowd (especially those of us that were trying to comment on this stuff over 10 years ago!). I first met John Dyer of Dallas Theological Seminary sometime back in 2011 when he was giving talks around his new book From the Garden to the City. It was the first book I read on technology that I thought had a sufficiently broad theological base, and I still recommend it today! Also his incomperable.

And Dr Pete Phillips from the CODEC Research Center for Digital Theology, whom I got to pay a visit to a few years back.

Chris Ridgeway